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Borehole yield testing-Pricelist

These rates include calibration tests, step tests and constant rate tests.
Self driven rigs with submersible pumps are used and a constant pump rate can be guaranteed. Electronic water level logging is available.

Tariffs-Borehole testing:

1. Yields up to 10 000l/h
Set up R3250.00 Yield test R665.00 /h
R 10.00/km if more than 30 km from Pretoria

4Hour Maximum yield test
R 4100.00

6 Hour extended step test
R 7150.00(with water level logging)

2. Yields up to 50 000l/h:
Set up R 60.00/m in R 60.00/m out
Yield tests R 890.00/h (min 24 h) R 19.00/km.

3. Yields up to 100 000l/h:
Set up R 60.00/m in R 60.00/m out.
Borehole I.D min 180mm Yield tests R 1060.00/h (min 48 h) R 19.00/km.

Yields up to 200 000l/h Set up R 95.00/m in R 95.00/m out.
Borehole min I.D 250mm Yield tests R 1800.00/h. (min 72 h)
Depth limits apply.

4. Sampling
R 3350.00/sample R 10.00/km

5. Removing/installing existing HDPE equipment:
R 2500.00

Remove/install steel pipe up to 100mm:
R 60.00/m out R 60.00/m in

6. Recovery test R 300.00/h

Monitor boreholes R 90.00per hole per hour

7. Standing time R 860.00/h

8. Test with existing equipment to issue bank certificate
R 6000.00

9. Minimum call out fee with rig:
R 2900.00

10. Slug tests:
R 860.00/h

Rates are per pumped borehole per hour Vat Excluded


Client Base Includes:


  • Mining and Industry
  • Farming Sector
  • Private Individuals
  • Consulting engineers


Recent Projects:


  1. 1.Pump Testing of all the boreholes within the Kruger national Park, 1984 to 1994.


  1. 2.Pre-mining environmental impact studies and water supply pump testing done for several large scale platinum mines in Pilansberg, Zebowa, Steelpoort and Polokwane
  1. Pump testing for dewatering on the Gautrain Project.


  1. 3. Pump Testing of 2 massive supply boreholes in Djelfa – Algeria for a cement plant and the World Bank.


  1. 4.Hands on training for personnel in Abu Dhabi for a project requiring the testing of 2000 boreholes.